Betco, Inc.
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Betco, Inc.

(800) 654-7813

228 Commerce Blvd.
Statesville, NC 28625

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Single-story is the preferred type of self-storage building today because on the basis of per square foot of leasable space, it is the most economical. It also provides the most flexibility in terms of building design and layout.


High land costs, limited land availability, and land configuration are all good reasons to consider multi-story buildings. If you cant expand horizontally, why not vertically? Many owners are now realizing that you can get more rentable space by going up instead of out.


A sloping terrain or uneven elevations simply means the logical building option would suggest bi-level buildings. This design fits well on an undulating topography and may actually be a money-saving proposition as compared to the traditional single-story building.

Climate Controlled

More and more facilities today include climate controlled units because an increasing number of customers want their valuables stored in units that require temperature and humidity control. For example, furniture and other objects that are sensitive to dampness or heat will need a climate controlled environment. This means installing HVAC equipment, which will increase overall facility costs, but customers expect it.

Next Generation Buildings

One of our latest innovations is the Next Generation Building. This popular building was designed to include features specifically designed and priced for efficiency and economy.
Betco, Inc.
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